Master Planning

Rightacres customer focus is central to our execution of the high-quality developments that have become the hallmark of the company. From a project’s early inception and planning, Rightacres works with tenants on planning schedule, cost and complexity.

Our development teams are responsible for all aspects of the property development process.
  1. Sourcing the ideal property or land, taking into account location, infrastructure and other factors
  2. Negotiating joint ventures or partnerships, if required
  3. Identifying options for optimising the deal structure
  4. Advising on issues relating to the environment and planning, as well as development approvals
  5. Contractual rights and obligations
  6. Master planning
  7. Architecture and design
  8. Developing purpose-built facilities
  9. Project management
  10. Funding

This ensures “ownership” by the Rightacres team, and avoids the issue of external resources not delivering on time or to specifications. Because Rightacres owns the assets it develops, customers are assured that developments are of the highest standards. Our success is also based on our integrated approach, and our ability to manage numerous and interrelated activities efficiently and within timeframes, from environmental issues to contracts and building contractors.

In addition, Rightacres focus on people allows us to hire and retain the best specialists required to support our property development activities.

Our Project Directors works alongside the design, financial and construction teams to manage costs, explore building system alternatives, coordinate planning and oversee the project’s construction. Our integrated approach allows for the quick decisions on necessary on-site changes that could if managed poorly, delay work or degrade the building’s quality and value.

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